Torridon is renowned for it’s mountain biking terrain but it can seem daunting for some.

That’s why we have three levels of adventure to suit everyone from first timers to experienced riders. Come and spend the weekend biking round some of the best single track in Scotland with our experienced and qualified guides. We can’t promise it will be dry but we can promise that you’ll end the day with an ear to ear grin!

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Two Day Introduction to Mountain Biking

Like the idea of mountain biking but haven’t had the opportunity to properly give it much of a go? Or perhaps you’ve been like biking but prefer a more relaxed and less challenging environment. For these two days, we will get you riding paths that you are comfortable on so you can absorb the local wildlife. For the first day, we will start at the hotel and break the day up with a stop at the Inn for lunch. For the second day, we will aim to be out all day, covering whatever distance we decide as a group. Perfect for people who can ride a bike, are comfortable with braking and relatively comfortable with gears. If you are standing up on the bike that’s great, otherwise don’t worry.

Routes likely to include Balgy Track and Coulin Estate for Day 1 and a longer ride round Coulin Estate on Day 2.

Two Day Intermediate Mountain Biking

This is for people that sit somewhere in the middle. You have done some mountain biking and if you’ve been to a trail centre you are happy on blue trails and maybe venturing onto the red. Having ridden some natural single track would be an advantage but not essential. We will aim to be riding 5-7 hours a day.

Routes likely to include Coulin Estate on Day 1 and a trip to Gairloch on Day 2 or Kenmore to Applecross back to Kenmore

Two Day Advanced Mountain Biking

Ever wanted to explore the more advanced Torridon terrain on a mountain bike? These two days are perfect for someone who is a keen mountain biker and is both comfortable riding red graded trails with flow and has enough fitness to cycle for two consecutive days for 6-8 hours. We will be aiming to be out on the bike all day – including a lunch break! The first day will ease you into the area so we can see where we are as a group and get to know each other. The second day, we aim to head out on the famous Torridon Loop (weather depen. This is probably the best know loop in the area and will cover 50km as well as 1000m of descent.

Routes likely to include Gairloch or Kenmore to Applecross on Day 1 and Torridon Loop on Day 2

Interested in going out for a ride? Get in touch by giving us a call or send us an email to find out more.