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Gerry Coogan Band

Through his unique keyboard style and versatile vocals, Gerry Coogan has firmly established himself as one of the most popular acts on the live music scene in the Highlands over the course of almost three decades. From Bob Marley to the Dubliners, Frank Sinatra to Van Morrison, The Beatles to Oasis and everything in between, there's usually something for everyone at a Gerry Coogan gig.

Thursday 28th September - 9pm-12am

Mystic Shoes

They formed around 10 years ago. Each person brought their own style/mix of tunes to the band. They liked each other and found playing together was very enjoyable. They’re suckers for a good crowd so our set morphed into a very upbeat, bouncy, enjoyable affair resulting in slow country tunes being played at rock speed, rock tunes being played at reggae speed and reggae tunes played at punk speed! All a bit messed up but great fun to listen to!


Friday 29th September - 9pm-12am


Hailing from Inverness the capital city of the Scottish Highlands Schiehallion are a Scottish Folk/Ceilidh band who have spent the last number of years both at home and further afield building an impressive ardent fan base, this has culminated in them being deserving of their widely held reputation as a fiery and passionate must see live music act. Consisting of founding member Kenny Jamieson Vocals - Guitar & Bodhran, Stuart Mackintosh Accordion & when required Calum MacGillivary on Bag Pipes, Schiehallion are ever present on the live music venue and festival scene. Immersed in Scotland's culture and music traditions Schiehallion's ability to engage and transfix their audience time after time has justifiably led to their richly deserved status as one of Scotland's top bands in their musical category and genre.


Saturday 30th September - 9pm-12am

Steve Pledger

His musical influences are many, varied and not always obvious. They include - in no particular order - Graham Parker, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, Rush, Sam Cooke, Martyn Joseph, Van Morrison, Ryan Adams, Don McLean, Elvis (both of them) and Bruce Springsteen. Add to this a liking for most musical styles - when executed well - and it would be fair to say that he has a wide spectrum of influences informing his own distinct style and approach. Steve’s debut album, ‘14 Good Intentions’, was released on 9th July 2012 and is available to order from the shop. Featuring 16 songs, (there are 2 bonus tracks!) the album shifts between fragile reflections on love & loss to blistering protest & social commentary… & more besides. The emphasis is very much on the spirit of the performance of the songs and as such, the album goes a long way towards capturing the impact of a live gig.


Sunday 1st October - 9pm-12am